Dante's Inferno is a 2010 action-adventure video game developed by Visceral Games and published b
Dante's Inferno
y Electronic Arts for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. The game was also released on the PSP. The story is named after Inferno, the first canticle of Dante Aligheiri's Divine Comedy, but shares little with the canticle beyond the character's name and the setting. The game follows the exploits of Dante (reimagined as a Templar Knight) as he journeys through the nine circles of Hell to reclaim the soul of his beloved Beatrice from the hands of Lucifer.


Upon its release, Dante's Inferno received fair to generally favorable reviews from critics. While there was praise for the art style and level design, numerous critics drew comparisons with Sony's popular God of War series.

One of the most praised aspects was the game's depiction of Hell, considered creative yet graphic in nature. GamePro found the unique designs of the circle of Hell to be "impressively constructed", getting "a lot of mileage out of the unique setting".[44] While some critics like IGN acknowledged the liberties taken with the original source material, they still observed that "much of what you see is appropriate for a game that tries to explore the extreme nature of Hell and its punishments", calling the overall style "visually impressive".[47] Other critics like GameSpy even found some enemy and setting designs "shocking" yet still could "appreciate that this is Hell, and it's supposed to be disturbing".[53]

However, some reviews felt the creativity waned towards the end of the game, such as GameSpot who felt "Dante's epic quest loses momentum long before you reach the end", praising earlier levels such as Lust and Gluttony yet criticizing the 10 stage challenge level of Fraud and the use of enemies outside of their respective circle.[45] Official PlayStation Magazine UK also echoed this view, saying that the game was "just going through motions for the last three or four hours", despite what it considered to have a "robust fighting system" and being "visually strong".[50]

The most recurring comment over the gameplay of Dante's Inferno was its similarities to the God of War games. Destructoid felt that being similar to what is regarded as a great game is a positive by stating "You're not going to find a wholly original gameplay experience with Dante's Inferno, but that doesn't mean it's not a hell of an entertaining package - it's one that fans of action shouldn't miss."[52] Eurogamer on the other hand felt the game was "a God of War clone at its core", that while "not a terrible game, it's just not an original one",[42] a view Game Trailers echoed by stating "battles can be engaging, but lack some of the grace and refinement exhibited by games like God of War".[46] While Game Informer also found the gameplay to be too familiar, they did find the additional elements such as the punish/absolve mechanic and usable relics to give "Dante’s Inferno some individuality".[43]

Regarding such similarities, in an interview for Official PlayStation Magazine UK, God of War III director Stig Asmussen instead praised the game, stating "We've been intrigued about Dante's Inferno. This is my favourite genre, and the more people that are making [these games] the better", going on to say "and this is a really rich story they're building on, it's very interesting. The day that the demo came out we were trying to download it on PSN at midnight. We all wanted to see it."

United States NPD Group sales data showed that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Dante's Inferno sold 242,500 and 224,700 copies respectively in the month of February 2010.[54] The two editions also debuted together on the UK's top 10 games list for that month.[55]


Prior to Inferno's release, in June 2009, a protest began during E3 2009 in Los Angeles to oppose the game. Around 20 protesters, claiming to be from a church in Ventura County, held up signs that called the game sacrilegious and labeled it possibly insensitive to people's beliefs. Protesters even went as far as calling EA the anti-christ.[18] This led to EA being accused by many people of staging the fiasco to use it as a marketing hoax. A few days later, it was officially confirmed by EA spokesman Tammy Scachter that they had hired people to protest the game and that there was no actual protest.[19][20] However, in the aftermath of this revelation, several Christian bloggers have protested to this, calling it an "anti-Christian" stunt.[21][22]

Later, in October 2009, it was announced that the game would include a PS3 trophy and an Xbox 360 achievement entitled "Bad Nanny", which is awarded to players for killing monsters resembling children, supposedly the lost souls of unbaptized infants. This sparked a conflict with the International Nanny Association (INA), in which they encouraged supporters to oppose the game. The INA claimed that the achievement is offensive to real nannies and that it also promotes real-life violence. In retaliation, the INA asked the (ESRB) to omit the reward and elements of infant violence. The ESRB insisted that its role was merely to label products appropriately, not to censor them, so their request could not be met. Despite this, the INA still attempted boycotting the game with hope of a change before it was released.[23][24][25]

Columbia University Professor Teodolinda Barolini, a former president of the Dante Society of America, criticized the game for its depiction of Beatrice, declaring, “Of all the things that are troubling, the sexualization and infantilization of Beatrice are the worst. Beatrice is the human girl who is dead and is now an agent of the divine. She is not to be saved by him, she is saving him. That’s the whole point! Here, she has become the prototypical damsel in distress. She’s this kind of bizarrely corrupted Barbie doll.”[26] Other reviews of the game include similar comments of the characters by Professors: "Beatrice saves Dante... not the other way around",[27] says Professor Arielle Saiber, an Italian Literature professor at Bowdoin College.

Assman123 Review

The game has some good arts, graphics and styles in it. Which is revolutionary for a hack and slash video game. But playing the game you'll see that it is a complete God of War clone. Gameplay and mechanics are all about God of War. The first levels of the game are awesome, but in later chapters you'll be sick. Been there done that kind of thig you see in this game.

But there are things this game did not copy from God of War

  • The story is great. No vengeance here... and EA took the medievel era greatly with the weapons to use and the damsel in distress to save
  • They made a great deal with the graphics. They made their own art. EA is a horror maker with this game and Dead Space.
  • The gore and brutality in it is slightly weak. Boss fights are unsatisfying. Dante is not Kratos, he can't dish out bloody dismemberment.

Things that they copy seriously from God of War

  • The gameplay is the same... what can you expect
  • They took the nudity very seriously. You see breasts all the time.


Revolutionary Features:

None, it is a complete clone. Unoriginal

Score = 2/10


The game's art is a complete greatness. Everything in it is horror and they delivered it greatly. But the boss fights are mediocre and boring.

Score = 5/10

Verdict = 2 + 5 / 20 X 50 + 50 = 67.5 %

What Assman123 think about nudity in video games

There's no problem in putting some pair of nipples in games. But for me this can affect sales commercally. God of War may look mature but it didn't show it in any cutscenes. A lot of cutscenes in Dante's Inferno features slight porno. Boss fights are complete nude as well and unlike cutscene you can't skip it.

God of War became a commercial success because it revolutionize hack and slash games even with its mature content. But rip-offs may not be that lucky.

We must put into notice that classic games like Mario Bros. were classic because it appeals to all ages. Young and old bought that game, and that's the reason why it is such a commercial successs.

Video Review


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