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Welcome to the Video Game Classics Reviews And Gameplay

Classic Video Game reviewed to how they stack up against their owned series & genre. This wiki will also show reviews from other famous gaming websites.

About the Reviews

Reviews by Assman123 on classic video games. Comment & blog as you want. We will also show reviews from notable gaming websites & to compare their reviews to ours.

We don't focus our review much on graphics, audio or multiplayer. We're here to criticize gameplay, classic*ness & revolutionary features.

Reviews will be posted by 123chaseyoung. All the reviews are to answer both question;

1) "Does This Game Have Rights To Earn The Name Of Its Series ?"

2) "Is It The Worst Game Everbody Played ?"


There are only two criterias in our reviews.

1. Revolutionary Fetures- any gameplay that revolutionized the gaming industry and have made clones of its own. And when we say revolutionary, we say about things that changed gameplay and is shown on other games following it.

2. Classic*ness- to see if this game is an istant classic, perfectly original.

We establish our ratings by percentage.

Things to do in this Wiki

Guests can add pages about video games whom they think revolutionized its perspective genre and to list them down as instant clssic. You can wrte your own review about these games.

(Note: You must put your name in your page to show it is yours)

List of Reviewed Classic Video Games Stacked Up On Its Series & Genre

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